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Massage Services

Custom Tailored Massages

Whether you need deep tissue, relaxation, or a bit of both we will customize the massage to meet your particular needs!

  • 30 Minutes: $40.00
  • 60 Minutes: $60.00
  • 90 Minutes: $90.00
  • 120 Minutes: $120.00

Hot Stone Massages

A truly unique experience! Smooth polished basalt lava stones, known for their ability to retain heat, are used to deeply relax sore, tired, aching muscles. Stones are heated in water and used to penetrate more deeply into muscle tissue, effectively releasing muscle tension. Heat from the stones is deeply relaxing and allows for a more calming effect on the nervous system overall.

  • 60 Minutes: $70.00
  • 90 Minutes: $100.00
  • 120 Minutes: $130.00

Aromatherapy Massages

Added to the massage are pure, essential oils applied to the skin during treatment to enhance the relaxation benefits. Clients can choose from a variety of scents or customize a blend of two oils for a real sensory delight! Oils are of therapeutic grade, no fillers or additives, no synthetics.

  • 30 Minutes: $45.00
  • 60 Minutes: $65.00
  • 90 Minutes: $95.00
  • 120 Minutes $125.00

That’s A Wrap Treatment

Your choice of essential oils are blended into our luxurious massage cream, after a customized one hour massage your body is draped in warm towels and then wrapped in a wool blanket, allowing the heat to relax tired muscles and drive moisture deep into the skin. Ending with a a neck and scalp massage, you will feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated.

  • 90 Minutes: $140.00


  • My massage with Daria was great!! She listened to what I needed as well as gave emphasis to what she could feel was best for my body. The facility was quiet and comfortable and I loved the massage table-cozy with wonderful sheets!!

    – Ellyn G. –

  • As a still active, aging, 56 year old athlete, I experience a variety of ailments (e.g. neck, back, shoulder and hip). I have had close to 100 massages in my lifetime, so I am very discerning. My therapist, Stephanie, was very talented and professional. She listened to my concerns/instructions and proceeded to give me one of my best massages! I would highly recommend her and The Busy Body.

    – Jay B. –

  • I enjoyed my first ever massage at The Busy Body. Stephanie was very professional and made the experience very enjoyable. The experience was very relaxing and the massage took care of soreness from my active lifestyle. I would highly recommend visiting them and letting them take care of your health needs.

    – Jerry H. –

  • Awesome massage. It was the perfect amount of pressure. I have had many treatments and not many massage therapist can get it right on the first time with a client. It was spot on.

    – Bruce Y. –

  • The place was clean, quiet, friendly and I had the most wonderful 60 minute massage that i didn’t want to stop. Stephanie, my therapist was fabulous. Can’t wait for next massage.

    – Cindy D. –

  • I was looking for a massage place close to home. I found Busy Body by Googling. I have been a regular since my first appointment. I highly recommend Jared..great deep tissue massage. My cousin was visiting and was also greatly satisfied with Stephanie. Very clean and great service and good prices.

    – Gail L. –

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Meet Our Therapists

Javier Rios

A graduate of the Cortiva Institute for massage therapy in 2015. Javier specializes in pain/injury management

Marcella Arieta

Marcella Arieta started her journey with massage therapy and bodywork through her martial arts...

Julie Perkins, LMT

Julie has been a working licensced massage therapist since January 2002.

Daria Jagersky

Daria Jagersky is the owner of the Busy Body Massage Clinic, and has been a licensed practicing massage therapist for the past twelve years..