Tucson Massage Therapy Services

Clients may purchase packages of four (4) massages for a savings of $5 off each massage, $20 total.
(4/30 min. massages = $140, 4/60 min. massages = $260, 4/90 min. massages = $360, 4/120 min. massages = $540.)

Custom Tailored Massage

Feel the Busy Body difference with our Custom Tailored Massage. Your highly-trained massage therapist will draw from their wide range of specialized techniques to customize a treatment unique to your needs. Instead of having to choose from a long treatment menu, our therapists communicate with you before your session about what your preferences, focus areas, and goals are and then build a treatment plan based on your specific needs for the most effective results.

30 minutes

60 minutes

75 minutes

90 minutes

2 hours

Desert Stone Massage

Our calming Desert Stone Massage increases circulation and relieves pain. Our therapists use heat-retaining basalt stones as an extension of their hands to deeply penetrate sore, tired muscles. The warmth and pressure from the stones promote restful sleep and a newfound sense of peace.

60 minutes

90 minutes

2 hours

Revive Your Sole(s)

Get sandal-ready while repairing dry, cracked feet! Revive Your Sole(s) begins with a relaxing herbal salt soak, followed by an invigorating salt scrub to reveal smooth skin. We then wash your feet with our locally crafted peppermint foot wash, then apply a softening mineral clay foot mask enhanced with hydrating sea extracts, followed by our cooling peppermint foot spray. To finish, we massage a nourishing, mineral-rich foot balm into your calves and feet to deeply moisturize and relieve tension. Leaves feet feeling hydrated, refreshed, and rested. A necessity for hot Tucson summers!

30 minutes


Our Aromatherapy massage is a blissful sensory experience designed to reduce stress levels, calm your nervous system, boost your mood, and promote natural detoxification.

Choose from an array of pure, premium essential oils- Invigorating, Citrus, Earth, Floral, or a custom blend of your favorites. We place the oils in a light therapy diffuser and blend them into our luxurious massage cream so you can reap the benefits of aromatherapy both inhaled and topically. Our treatment ends with warm towels on your feet, hands, and neck, followed by a soothing neck and scalp massage that leaves you feeling rejuvenated in body and mind.

60 minutes

90 minutes

2 hours

Add to any massage


A powerful tool for easing acute or chronic pain conditions, hydrotherapy is the therapeutic use of hot and cold compresses.

Cold hydrotherapy can reduce inflammation, ease swelling, and relieve pain. Hot hydrotherapy promotes blood flow and relieves tight, sore muscles for ease of movement.

To enhance results and boost healing, add hydrotherapy to any of our custom treatments.

Add hot, cold, or a combination of both to your massage

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