The Nurex System

Our Mission:

Our program was created to help our clients overcome three of the most frustrating problems when it comes to the challenge of weight loss:

Our comprehensive NUREX program is customized to meet your specific goals at your own pace, without having to take time away from family or work.

Our team of professionals work with you individually providing you with a structured environment that includes customized exercise plans, nutritional counseling and meal planning, and weekly recovery sessions!

Our 30 day NUREX program costs ⅓ of what one week at a wellness retreat and ½ of what cryolipolysis (freezing fat cells) costs! And there are no expensive supplements or equipment to buy, and all meals are family and budget friendly!

Who is the NUREX system for?

For anyone who is looking to improve their health, lose weight, start or revamp their fitness routine, the Nurex System gives you the tools and support you need to achieve your goals! Created specifically to help our clients start on the path to a healthier lifestyle and reach their weight loss goals, NUREX is based on proven scientific methods that creates both effective and sustainable weight loss: NUtrition, Recovery, and EXercise! Using this three step system we will create a program designed to meet your individual goals, delivering measurable results and creating lasting change!

This customized NUREX program works with your specific goals and needs to restore your body to an optimal state of health using a realistic and holistic approach, creating new healthy habits that work for your lifestyle helping you lose or maintain weight, balance your hormones, sleep better, and reduce chronic pain and inflammation! Our team of professionals works with you on an individual basis giving you the tools you need to transform your health and fitness!

Our 30 day program includes:

  • Consultation and health assessment with a registered dietician.
  • Personalized nutritional coaching and mealing planning based on your goals and needs.
  • Structured exercise plan based on your current level of fitness and goals, including 2-30 minute personal training sessions per week.
  • Weekly 60 minute massage and bodywork session.

Our most comprehensive NUREX program designed to give you optimal results and completely transform your health from the inside out. This program will focus on changing your relationship with food without counting calories and restrictive dieting as well as making exercise an enjoyable activity rather than a punishment. You will also learn how to manage your stress and understand the mind body connection creating positive changes that last a lifetime, not as a temporary fix. In this 30 day program you will have a team of professionals to guide you on your transformation to a new healthier you!

Program includes three 30 minute workouts/week with your fitness coach and access to the fitness tracking app Virtuagym. The app allows you contact with your coach and a structured exercise plan for the days you are not at the gym.

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