S. Frances Willimann

S. Frances Willimann integrates myofascial release, various neuromuscular techniques, and elements of sports massage into her soft tissue work and has been studying musculoskeletal anatomy and somatic principles since 2012, where she was first introduced to dance kinesiology under the tutelage of Chris Johnson at her alma mater, Beloit College (Wisconsin). She graduated in 2015 with a double major in dance and psychology. After completing a STOTT-based Pilates apprenticeship in DeKalb, Illinois, she moved back to Tucson in 2016 and immediately enrolled at the Cortiva Institute. She graduated from Cortiva in 2017, and has since been cultivating her distinct approach to massage therapy in a spa setting and with private clients. She is currently enrolled in the Fletcher Pilates instructor training program at Body Works Pilates, which is allowing her to connect her various disciplines and develop a holistic understanding of musculoskeletal imbalance.

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