Daria Jagersky – Owner of Busy Body Massage Clinic


Daria Jagersky is the owner of the Busy Body Massage Clinic, and has been a licensed practicing massage therapist for the past twelve years. She  holds certifications in clinical relief for head and neck pain, balancing the pelvis, and neuromuscular therapy. She specializes in relaxation massage and helping her clients to manage their chronic pain with massage therapy.

As a therapist she saw the need for a better quality of massage therapy in her community and has opened the Busy Body Massage Clinic to meet that need. The focus here is on the quality of the treatments and surpassing the customers expectations of what a massage should be.

Daria believes massage should be affordable, not “cheap” and the Busy Body is for those customers looking for something more than the just typical “fluff and bluff” massage.

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